J. Ronald Terwilliger:
A Heart for Housing

J. Ronald Terwilliger is a capitalist with a HUGE heart for the needy, most especially, those in need of a home. You will not believe what this man has done with his energy, his time, and his money!

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New Hampshire
Housing Summit

See videos of our top speakers, photos from the event, and much more.

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We're at a crossroads.

“I believe America is at a crossroads moment. We can either allow today’s crisis in housing to grow in scope or intensity or we can seize the opportunity to make a positive difference.”    – J. Ronald Terwilliger

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White Paper:
The Silent Housing Crisis

Today, nearly six years after the Great Recession officially ended, our nation’s housing system remains in a state crisis.

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J. Ronald Terwilliger

“Housing is not just a commodity or an ‘asset class.’ It is at times a place of shelter and refuge, a platform for engagement with the broader community, a generator of significant social benefits, and an engine of economic opportunity and growth.”

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The Wall Street Journal

New Housing Headwind Looms as Fewer Renters Can Afford to Own: Some forecast demographic changes will help lead to a decline in homeownership rate.

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Our Mission

The J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families seeks to recalibrate federal housing policy to address the nation’s critical affordable housing challenges of today and to meet the housing needs of future generations of Americans.

*Images courtesy of Bozzuto Group

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